About Us

This is who we are and what we stand for

Professional in what we do

We endeavor to provide a professional relationship to all our customers whether they be business clients or residential home users.
We treat our valued customers as we would expect to be treated if we were paying for a professional service, and thrive to maintain a respectful relationship with them in whatever services we are providing.

personal in how we interact

Our aim is to provide top level support whilst maintaining a personal touch when we connect with our clients.
We try to keep clients informed and kept up to speed, whilst not using confusing technical jargon when servicing equipment so that they know what to expect, and can make decisions based upon such information.

Integral to what you do

As businesses depend on information technology in their day to day procedural operation, it is not surprising that when downtime occurs it ultimately comes down to money lost. At MAC + PC we provide timely service to businesses and can ensure a fast turnaround. We also provide service level agreements where necessary through monthly maintenance contracts.

We stand behind all our work

We have a four hour maximum charge limit which applies to repairs of a single workstation PC or laptop.
It does not apply to servers, networks, installations or work previously quoted for. This maximum charge applies only to labour for a single job and does not include the provision of hardware or software. Should we need return to your site to repeat work already charged for, there will be no charge for the additional work.

Paul Andrews

Paul Andrews

Director / Technical Consultant

An avid technology enthusiast..
I started this business following in my fathers footsteps and always intended to continue on when he retired. Due to his ill health, and untimely passing this occurred sooner than expected. John was able to pass on his vast knowledge and experience to me which in turn is passed on to our valued customers in the work we perform for them.
His company 'Computertech' amalgamated to what is now 'MAC + PC'.